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My Uni Tutors is a leading tutor agency in London that is committed to enhancing your prospects for academic success. Providing face-to-face and online private tuition, we offer quality-assured teaching and revision sessions in all subjects of A-Level, GCSE Level and IB Diploma.  We insist that our highly qualified DBS-certified private tutors are able to demonstrate a variety of teaching methods and differentiate for all levels of ability before we match them with students.

AS and A-Level Help

Good preparation and focused study skills are essential for achieving the right combination of AS and A-Level grades needed for degree courses. This is a challenge for many students seeking entrance to high ranking universities. Our private A-Level tutors have the mentoring and coaching skills that help smooth the transition into higher education: from guidance on writing personal statements to get to grips with demanding coursework and exam preparation.

Private IB Diploma Tuition 

My Uni Tutors understand that the IB diploma is an entirely different approach to post-16 education. Many students prefer the more comprehensive two-year programme and thrive on the greater choice of six subject groups initially, with three subsequently studied at a higher level. Our team has the background knowledge to advise on the best course of study to consolidate IB subjects against the supportive backdrop the theory of knowledge module.

Private A-Level Tuition

Our tutors are Russell Group graduates who have demonstrated that they can pass on their academic expertise to A-Level students of all abilities. They have experience working with students who may be lacking confidence, seeking revision strategies, or whose exam techniques need refining. My Uni Tutors are well placed to provide sound advice on university applications and personal statements
Our dedicated team develop detailed study plans to ensure that A-Level students stay on top of any topics they might be struggling with. Step by step, we monitor your progress and enable you to benefit from an enjoyable learning experience. We teach all A-Level and IB subjects.


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Best Value A-Level Tuition

My Uni Tutors provide individual assessments so that students and their parents are aware of areas for development. Our experienced private tutors then evaluate how best to teach each student according to that student’s individual learning style. Our dedicated team will develop a detailed study plan to ensure that A-Level students improve their grasp of any topics they might be struggling with. Step by step we monitor every student’s progress and offer constructive feedback. 

Our AS and A-Level Offer

Our recommended private A-Level tutors are familiar with the mark schemes and different assessment criteria set by all UK exam boards. We will tailor teaching, revision and retake sessions to ensure that our students are fully prepared to sit A-Level and International A-Level exams offered by: AQA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. Also, My Uni Tutors have also developed a broader Scheme of Work specifically for the increasingly popular International Baccalaureate Diploma.

A-Level Tuition Services


All Subjects

We provide private tuition in most A-Level subjects, and we are familiar with the assessment criteria set by all UK exams boards such as AQAEdexcelOCR and others.



A-Level Retakes

Our private tutors offer more than past A-Level exam papers and model answers; they guide you towards a more confident and focused approach to exam success.


Quick Revision

My Uni Tutors offer intensive revision sessions for candidates who need targeted exam techniques. We provide concise learning materials and focus on specific outcomes.


Online Services

We can organise face to face tuition in London as well as online services.We’ll work closely with you and monitor progress to ensure you are getting the very best results.

Private Tuition £30 - £50 / hour

Top Tutors

All of our tutors have a degree in your chosen subject and an enhanced DBS certificate.

Covered: All Subjects

Our team has the proven skills to guide you through all levels in school’s subjects.


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