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Civil engineering is a highly specialised area of study of the design, construction and maintenance of the physical world around us.


Undergraduate Tutor

Price from £55 per hour 

£50 placement fee


Postgraduate Tutor

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If you are studying structural, geotechnical, fire, marine structural, bridge or highway engineering, you will be expected to demonstrate a thorough understanding and meticulous application of your specialism. Students with an engineering background often approach My Uni Tutors because they lack the maths or design skills required by their university course. Others need to broaden their technical evaluation and analysis experience and welcome the opportunity of one-to-one attention from our qualified engineering tutors.

Fire Engineering

This multi-disciplinary field requires you to take proactive steps to develop your understanding. Many students with a science and design background ask My Uni Tutors for help in course components such as:

  • Legal frameworks and legislation
  • Theory and practice
  • Environmental factors
  • Hazards
  • Preventative measures
  • Computational engineering

Private Fire Engineering Tutor

Structural Engineering

As a student of structural engineering, you rely on advanced skills in maths and science, as well as design. My Uni Tutors delivers sessions to boost your understanding of these key concepts and skills:

  • Linear, non-linear behaviour of structures
  • Mechanics of materials
  • Advanced dynamic behaviour
  • Finite element analysis
  • Understanding building codes
  •  SAP2000/ Ansys software

Private Structural Engineering Tutor

Geotechnical Engineering

The coupling of civil engineering design and geology is as challenging as it is exciting. My Uni Tutors has developed tailored private sessions to ensure that students are confident in core units such as:

  • Soil mechanics
  • Geological sciences
  • Surveying and engineering mathematics
  • Flood management
  • Geological foundation design
  • Site condition evaluation

Private Geotechnical Engineering Tutor

Highway Engineering

Students specialising in highway engineering need to embrace the role of civil engineering in highway planning and design. Our private tutors have incorporated core concepts into their tailored lessons covering:

  • Design consistency
  • Advanced dynamic behaviour
  • Construction, drainage
  • Environmental impact
  • Intermodal systems
  • AutoCAD software

Private Highway Engineering Tutor

Marine Engineering 

Industry specialists say that in addition to understanding solid mechanics and design standards, marine structural students need to respond to other engineering challenges. We help you to gain familiarity with:

  • Fluid mechanics,
  • Offshore structures
  • Fatigue strength
  • Accidental and dynamic loads
  • Dynamic design criteria
  • Forensic structural analysis

Private Marine Engineering Tutor

Bridge Engineering

This discipline is underpinned by an advanced level of technical analysis and infrastructural management. We can help you to develop an in-depth knowledge of bridge structure analysis from design to end-of-life in these areas:

  • Water engineering
  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Soil-structure interaction
  • Seismic design
  • Wind dynamics
  • Engineering software

Private Bridge Engineering Tutor

Professional Structural engineering software

Civil engineering students need software proficiency for university and to stay up to date with the design packages used in industry. My Uni Tutors helps you to upskill for your degree and for your career.


Civil Engineering Software

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Why Online Tuition?

   My Uni Tutors offer instant, flexible and efficient remote tutoring so that you can learn without having to leave home. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors assess your needs and devise a detailed study plan for all subjects. They work closely with you and monitor your progress to ensure you are getting the very best results.

Save Time and Money

Save time, money and the environment! Online tuition gives you greater freedom and flexibility.

Use Of Technology

Online lessons not only enable you to record each session but also you can exchange files with your tutors and revise your course content as and when it suits you. 

You can use Skype and online whiteboard.