Private CELTA Tutors


Cambridge Certificate in English Language 

Teaching to Adults


CELTA is a globally recognised English language teaching qualification. Awarded by the University of Cambridge
(ESOL Examinations), this prestigious qualification is for people with advanced English skills who may, or may not have, previous teaching experience.

Why choose us?


 Our tutors improve your techniques, class management and lesson-planning

Constant feedback

Our team observes your performance and gives you feedback to improve your skills.  

Tailored teaching practice

Our experienced tutors advise on how to successfully complete observed teaching practice.

Handpicked private tutors

We only interview CELTA  and DELTA qualified tutors who have a current DBS certificate.

Our private CELTA tuition

Private CELTA tuition is for those trainees who are enrolled on courses with other providers but need extra help to improve their grades. Our CELTA tutors can assist you in the following areas:

Improving your teaching techniques
Understanding and applying Target Language
Demonstrating different approaches to teaching language (PPP, TTT and TBL)
Tracking progress and identifying points for development 
Proofreading assignments and suggesting improvements
Improving your confidence