AMI Academia Meets Industry

Add value to your civil engineering degree and enhance your career prospects.

Engineering students may encounter obstacles in their progression from graduation to secure employment with engineering firms. To help bridge this gap, My Uni Tutors has launched AMI – a new initiative to help you develop skills that aren’t always taught at university. If you’ve received private tuition with My Uni Tutors and are experiencing difficulties in getting your degree to work for you, we’re offering a free advice and guidance service that can take you from hopeful graduate to successful employee.
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AMI Free CV Advice for My Uni Tutors Engineering Students

You might be the brightest engineering spark on your course; but is this reflected in your CV? Have you made the most of your skills, qualities and areas of interest? From projects and dissertations, to the responsibilities and extra-curricular activities that you undertook as a student, we will highlight key elements for you to produce a glowing CV.

AMI Free Interviewing Techniques for My Uni Students

You have the qualifications, you’ve got great references and you could be a great asset to the engineering company that has offered you an interview. You’re a keen, talented individual; what could possibly go wrong? Whether you’re preparing for a work placement interview or your first paid engineering position, you need to present yourself in the best possible light. We can offer advice on looking and sounding calm, focused and confident

AMI Work Experience for My Uni Tutors Engineering Students

Engineering firms don’t select applicants purely on academic grades. They want to know if you’ve had a hands-on application of the concepts you earned at the university. They also look for potential employees who can demonstrate teamwork and collaboration skills. If your work experience to date isn’t industry-focused, or even if you’ve never experienced a work environment before, we will help you to identify attitudes and opportunities that can be developed and presented as important transferable skills.

AMI Internship opportunities for My Uni Tutors Engineering Students

Securing internship with an engineering firm can be a challenge. It’s essential that you select an employer that provides the best potential for career development, but it’s equally crucial that you submit an outstanding application. Start by taking a look at our links to industry and see what the future might hold at Laytoe Structural Engineers

AMI Software Workshops for My Uni Engineering Tutors

Engineering professionals are expected to have intermediate proficiency in software such as SAP200, Revit and Autocad. Unfortunately, not all universities provide a work-smart level of IT instruction. Our software experts will help to patch the gaps in your software experience.

Our Partner My Uni Tutors and Laytoe Structural Engineers help engineering students gain experience in industry.