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Faranak Bakhtiari

Faranak Bakhtiari

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Siavash Bakhtiari


We lead a team of dedicated and qualified educators. We drew upon our own experiences as former students to create the professional private tuition service we offer today.

Building a Brand

My Uni Tutors was developed by Laytoe Ltd, a structural engineering firm. Laytoe’s decision to branch out into private tuition was prompted by a growing number of enquiries from civil engineering students; some were looking for help with projects, others were seeking work experience.

After consulting education advisors, we realised that there was a clear need for conventional private tutors to embrace proactive strategies and individualised approaches to learning. But we were also aware that while private tuition had to evolve, the demand for good grades and value for money remained constant. That’s why My Uni Tutors worked diligently to create bespoke sessions at affordable rates in accessible venues.

Establishing a Reputation

In 2016 we set up our highly acclaimed private tuition service in Canary Wharf. Our aim was to deliver quality-assured face-to-face tuition across London as well as online sessions nationally and internationally. My Uni Tutors developed a model that would help undergraduates and postgraduates overcome the challenges posed by assignments, dissertations and exams. We then recruited a multi-disciplinary team to help students in most university subjects.

Word of our success with university students spread and we were soon approached by parents who were concerned that their children were not achieving their full potential at school. We responded to the issues they raised and extended our bespoke tuition service to younger students.

Learning for the Future

Last year, we reflected on all that we had achieved and took the decision to streamline our services. Through My Uni Tutors’ outreach work, and through Laytoe’s links to external partners, we had established a reputation for providing quality private tuition for civil engineering and computing students in particular. While our team continues to help students with a range of subjects, our next phase is to invest more time and resources into the valuable work we do in the field of civil engineering.

From our new premises in Battersea, My Uni Tutors is currently working with Laytoe to develop AMI so that our current and former students can take meaningful steps in their civil engineering careers. We’re also working alongside employers seeking to provide industry-related CPD.

As a company that grew from the vision of two structural engineers, you can rely on the strong, supportive and well-structured framework that underpins My Uni Tutors’ advice, teaching and training.